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Express Services

How It Works

Our express services are geared to help busy families, executives, seniors and anyone who just needs help on an occasional basis, or on a permanent basis to keep on top of the small tasks in our home that we don't seem to have time for.

How We Can Help

Have you got a list of things that you just don't have time to do? Let us know what tasks you would like handled or pick three items from our express list below, book a date and time. Leave the service to us!

** We work Quickly and Efficiently while in your home and will work through your list to process as much work as possible. However, we do not guarantee the full list to be done in one visit due to time restrictions for our express services.

This is just the beginning. Do you have a pain point in your home? Let us know and we can add it to our express services list!

Orginized Kids Play Room, complete with shevleing for books and toy bins. A desk on the left with coloured pencils
$120 +HST
3 Hour Time Slots
Time and Booking

With our Express Services, we offer 3-hour time slots. Pay by e-transfer. Sit back and Relax.

Whats Next?

Take Some time to relax and enjoy quality time doing the things you love!

Let's Work Together

"A family without chaos is like a summer without sun"

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