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Age is just a number.

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

People talk about age as a bad thing. I have enjoyed every stage of my life. Some a little more then others I must admit, but none the less each stage has taught me something. Strength, endurance, love, laughter, and this stage...the enjoyment of peacefulness. I realized the other day I dont have to rush anymore I can stop and smell the roses and enjoy the journey. I am ok being me and taking the time to enjoy me. We are all far too busy in all walks of life. We rush through life to get to the end. A sad but very true thought. So I have decided to take a few moments each day and do something I enjoy. Even if I can only find 5 minutes. I take take that few minutes and think about the wonderful things I saw or accomplished that day. Life is precious we need to embrace it.

As always... be the reason somebody smiles today!

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