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Pattie is amazing! A gem! I spent months looking for someone to help with my two tots once my baby was born, with Pattie I knew I had struck gold. My 3 yrs old and 18 month old LOVE her! She did such an amazing job helping care for them while I was recovering and focusing on nursing my new baby. She helped tidy and clean, made snacks and picked up my slack in the housework department during this time. She always came with a big smile and an amazing attitude and helped me get everything done that I was behind on even if I didn't think there was enough time. She also helped me when I was not able to get the baby to sleep. Pattie gently taught him to sleep on his own and now he is an amazing sleeper and I credit her! She was so kind and thoughtful with suggestions on how she could help and had amazing advice when asked for it. Pattie helped with my first few nerve racking outings with all three little ones. She took care of us so well and made transition to life of family of 5 a BREEZE.
Thank you Pattie for the amazing work you did for our family!

Sasha K

I have used Tomorrow Today's services for many things. Cleaning up my garage so the door could be replaced, driving me and my foster momma to the vets, and then checking on my foster kittens when I couldn't be there.

If you need something done Pattie is the person to ask, she'll be honest with you and I trust her completely. I've only had to ask and she has been there to help when I've needed it! Can't go wrong using Tomorrow Today's services.

Donna B

Pattie has been amazing to help us out caring for our newborn. She is experienced and trustworthy, and I would hire her again anytime!

Cassie P

I was struggling with getting ready for baby through out my pregnancy because I was so tired and we had moved months prior AND we just got a puppy that had (has) and etopic uterer so I was exhausted!!! I couldn't take not having any energy to get things done and my Little One was only weeks away. I didn't have the nursery done at all!!!! Or the rest of the house.
For any one struggling and sinking and needing help I thought I'd let you know how wonderful this team was...and affordable!!. Cant thank them enough.
Wish there were more companies like this, especially in Niagara where my aging parents with Dementia are.

Jenn N

Megan has been so amazing! I'm recovering from a concussion so I get tired, depressed, anxious and irritated easily. My husband just started his busy season at work and it left me in a bad place. She has been so awesome at picking up our family flow and stepping in wherever needed. She has turned our evenings from awful to nice, and my husband now comes home happier because she is doing so much of what he used to do. He comes home at 10:00 pm able to relax, because of your company. So thank you.

April P

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