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Keeping Your Home & Your Mind Tidy

Aside from the obvious benefits of a clean home it will also give your mental health a boost and reduce feelings of anxiety.

"A 2014 study published in the journal Mindfulness found that participants who took part in ‘mindfully’ washing the dishes reported a 27% reduction in nervousness, along with a 25% improvement in ‘mental inspiration’. "

Mindfully washing the dishes means to do so contemplatively, by inhaling the scent of the dishwashing liquid and enjoying the sensation of warm water on your hands.

So it’s worth considering how you go about cleaning your home, as different approaches may lead to different outcomes. A more energetic clean may be more beneficial to your physical health, while a meditative approach could benefit your mental wellbeing.

Cleanliness Can Be A Compulsion

As with most things, moderation is key. It’s important that your enthusiasm for cleaning doesn’t become an obsession, and that your fascination with organisation doesn’t turn into a crutch that you rely on.

Cleanliness and decluttering can be relaxing, and can calm our anxiety. But you can be sure things have gone too far when marks on a kitchen counter or an ornament out of place have the opposite effect. It’s also important to consider the amount of time you’re spending cleaning and whether it’s having a detrimental impact on your relationships or your career.

While your enthusiasm for cleaning can be a perfect distraction, something to occupy your mind when you’re facing challenges in your life, you can’t let it take over and it shouldn’t be used to obscure problems that may require professional help to address.


You stop cleaning because you’re depressed but then the dirty house makes you feel even worse.

challenge yourself to break this cycle and do a little bit right now if you can only do something small that’s OK!

Instead of focusing on what still needs to get done celebrate what you are able to do.

Recently, I did a big declutter of my house and it really helped me feel like I was giving myself a fresh start.

When you’re depressed your energy is precious and you want to make sure you spend it on the things that will actually start to make you feel better.


  • Turn on your favourite music and dance away

  • Pick an area that you would like to see cleaned and organized and start there

  • Pick one room or area a day and set an alarm for half an hour so you take much needed breaks and rest so you don't get overwhelmed.

  • Make a list and write on it the things that you accomplish every day so you can look at it and see what you have accomplished!

  • The days you do not feel like cleaning or organizing, DON'T. Listen to yourself and your body and only do what is comfortable for you.

  • Allow yourself to hire a house cleaning company such as #Tomorrowtodayayr on an ongoing basis or once in awhile when things get behind. It is good for your mental health and your home.

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