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Burst Into Spring with our helpful Spring Cleaning Checklist!

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

It's the time of year that we break out of our cocoon and get the energy to burst into spring! With that comes the excitement of cleaning, washing and making everything looking fresh and new.

I look forward to spring and the beauty that comes with it but the spring clean can be a daunting task for me. I love to clean when the house is empty and I have a day or few hours to myself. I like to plan ahead for a specific day and send everyone to the park, or for a long walk through the hiking trails and meet them later in the day for an ice-cream! Its a win win, everyone is happy and we all get a treat at the end!

Were do I start? I think windows make a house smile and create warmth in the home. They

are easy to clean with a spritz of vinegar or Windex and a quick shine with a piece of scrunched up newspaper or a clean lint free rag. Once I have them cleaned I open them up and let the fresh air and spring aroma fill my home. It cleanses the stale air trapped in my home over the winter and gives off a sense of renewal and a boost of energy.

For the rest of the spring clean I start from the top of the house and work my way to the bottom. If you only have a few hours to spare, pick the areas that bother you the most and get cleaning. Over the next few weeks, spend an hour here and there in different rooms to breakdown the process into manageable pieces. There is no rush to complete this task and it does not need to overwhelm you.

To help me organize my spring clean, over the years I have made a check list for each room. I have laminated the list and it hangs in my broom closet so it's easily accessible. (Scroll to bottom for free copy) You can check things off as you complete them and eventually you will have your spring cleaning finished and be ready to enjoy a beautiful summer.

On a side note, through many stages of my life I have not always had time to spring clean. Work, kids, family and schedules play a huge factor. If you are overwhelmed at the thought of spring cleaning, ask for help! Call the local high school and ask for a student who needs volunteer hours. Look around in your neighborhood for a retired lady who might enjoy cleaning and helping out your family. The other practical idea is to ask for a gift certificate to a cleaning company (#tomorrowtodayayr)for your Birthday or Christmas, book them in when your ready and either enjoy a day on your own or join your family in the park while your home gets a good spring cleaning!

It truly doesn't matter how you accomplish a spring clean, but it will definitely result in an uplifting experience for your families mental and physical health.

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