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Reading to Your Children

I have been asked many times, when should I introduce books and reading

to my child? My response, begin reading to your baby while they

are in the womb. They hear your voice and it becomes a sense of

bonding and security. Once the child is born continue reading as

much as possible.

👶Newborns are calmed by rhymes and rhythmic sounds

🤱 3 months start showing interest in book.

🧒 6 months starts to make sounds in response to other sounds

👧 8 months reaches for books and practices turning pages

👩‍⚕️ 12 months attempts to imitate sounds and words

👨‍⚕️ 18 months points to objects and pictures when they are


Reading and enjoying books with your children is a wonderful way to bond and enjoy quiet time together. Ask your parents what your favourite books were and if they are stored away somewhere bring them out and enjoy them all over again with your little ones. Find your local library and enjoy many hours together combing the books and enjoying the many treasures that can be found.

" Reading is dreaming with your eyes wide open"


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